Payment solution for Domestic and international clients

Forwarding your payments from around the world to USA. Proculur ensures that your payments get to the right source on time.

About proculur

Proculur offers an integrated local solution for making payment for services procured in the United States. With our custom solutions, robust collections network, and first-class support, we streamline your payments process from start to finish.


Convenient methods for paying schools’ admission fees, tuition, and living expenses. Proculur is the trusted platform to deliver your payment for your education in the United States.


Medical patients never have to worry about how to pay their bills. Proculur removes that burden and provides secure payment solutions for patients.


Never get blocked out from exploring a cheaper and convenient travel options. Proculur connects you with international travel agents for affordable flight booking.

Conference Registration

Easy and convenient method for registering for your conference.

Career and educational development is assured when you remove the barriers of payment. Proculur manages your transaction for conference registration and securing your stay during your conference.


Quick processing and delivery of your transactions.

You have a business transaction you need to pay for? Contact Proculur for fast quick processing and delivery of your transactions

We Provide convenient payment solutions for clients while facilitating linkage of clients to the global market

Payment solutions tailored to break the barriers in accessing services

Transparency and Security

Clients receive transparent service and are in control of their procurement, while Proculur assists with transmitting payment. There are no hidden charges and clients’ information are secured and protected.

Tracking and support

Clients receive update on their payment status: Clients are closely informed on their payment status from the start to finish. Once payment is concluded and merchant confirms receipt of payment, customers are informed, and the transaction is closed.

Proculur provides 24/7 support to their clients. As a customer-focused company, customer satisfaction is our top priority, so customers receive update and are supported through out the payment process. Our clients are never alone during processing of their payment. We offer support via chat, phone, and email.