Payment solution for Domestic and international clients


Providing convenient payment solutions for clients while facilitating linkage of clients to the global market.

Our Services

As the world has become a global village, there should not be barriers in making payments for goods and services around the world. To solve the needs of clients, Proculur facilitates payment and makes paying for goods and services easy, secure, and convenient. We remove the barriers in payment, which helps connect clients to the goods and services they are interested in around the world.

Our Commitment

Security: We guarantee security of clients’ data. We don’t take for granted the trust that our clients entrust on us, so we work hard to protect their information.

Quick service: We guarantee fast payment delivery. Payments received from clients and cleared are executed quickly without delays.

Customer Service: We guarantee customer satisfaction. Our clients’ satisfaction is our top priority, so we commit to ensuring that our clients are satisfied with the services we provide.

Innovation: We commit to continue to evolve and find innovative solutions to makes it convenient to deliver our services. We listen to our clients, learn from their shared experiences, and modify when necessary to deliver better services to clients.

Integrity: We understand the value of honesty and integrity, so our team are carefully selected to represent the company and show integrity in relating with clients. We treat our clients with love and kindness because we know our clients and our clients know us.


When it comes to processing payments for transactions,
Proculur is the reliable, payment solution for clients

Trusted Payment Platform

Proculur offers an integrated local solution for making payment for services procured in the United States. It is specifically tailored for Nigerian clients who make payments for goods and services in the United States. The partnership with banking and network of merchants helps to break the barriers for clients when it comes to making payments. The global connections and local presence make Proculur the preferred company for paying for goods and services. Our clients are connected from the moment contact is established till the delivery of payment, making it a secure and reliable payment solution platform.

Global Payment Solution

We offer personalized, quick payment solutions for our clients. Our clients have the confidence that their funds will get to the intended merchant on time and with customer-focused service delivery, clients’ satisfaction is always guaranteed. We have several payment options, making transactions easy and convenient for clients. Through the local and international network, Proculur offers a quick, secure, and reliable payment solutions.


Extensive payment options

Master card

Bank card

Direct deposit

Bank transfers

We Provide convenient payment solutions for clients while facilitating linkage of clients to the global market